Family Support Workshop

Family Support Workshop
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This Family Support Workshop teaches participants to build and maintain relationships and trust among family members during and after a crisis.


Imagine that one of your colleagues has been involved in a critical incident in an operating environment overseas. As a HR manager and as a manager of a crisis management team you will be required to provide care and support to your colleague’s family members. Are you up to the task? In our Family Support Workshop you will learn how to build and maintain relationships and trust with family members. This will enable you to keep family members engaged and up to date, and will prevent them from pursuing separate and counterproductive initiatives.


This workshop is based on role playing and interaction in simulations of real-life scenarios, from which you will learn and practice the skills needed to provide family support. A safe learning environment is maintained at all times.

Knowledge & Skills

·         Being better prepared for any sort of crisis
·         Reducing the chance of losing the family’s support
·         Reducing the possibility of litigation
·         Identifying skills for a family support plan
·         Awareness of psychosocial interventions
·         Facilitating organizational and personal recovery

Further information

Language: English
Duration: 1 day
Venue: The Hague, the Netherlands


Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Members of Crisis Management Teams, responsible for Family Care/Support and HR managers.

08.30 - 09.00     Welcome
09.00 - 09.30     Introduction
09.30 - 10.00     Crisis Management        
10.00 - 12.30     Recruitment, preparation and practical assistance

12.30 - 13.30     Lunch

13.30 - 16.30    Practical exercises
16.30 - 17.00    Exit strategy, handover and closure
17.00 - 17.30    Evaluation
  • € 649,- including all course materials, lunch, and coffee/tea (VAT is not applicable).
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Suzanne Williams QPM 
In 2008 Suzanne Williams completed 32 years of metropolitan police service. For the final five years of her career she was head of the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Unit at New Scotland Yard.  At the highest level, she has been an active contributor to the UK government's crisis response process, in cases of kidnap/abduction of UK citizens overseas. 
Prior to that posting, she also formed part of the Royalty Protection Group senior management team working from Buckingham Palace.   
Suzanne qualified as a UK National Police Hostage Negotiator 25 years ago. In that time she has contributed to the successful resolution of hundreds of kidnappings, hostage situations and sieges on the streets of London, on the high seas, and has returned former hostages home from many parts of the world. 
Sue is a very experienced senior investigator for kidnappings and was awarded the Queen's Police Medal; in the Queen’s Birthday Honours of 2003, this in recognition of her commitment to the fields of kidnapping resolving, negotiation and saving of life.  Due to her extensive experience in these areas, she is called upon to assist and advise many foreign governments, organisations, and security agencies experiencing similar crimes in action overseas. Sue is an active trustee and voluntary responder contributing to “Hostage UK”, a registered charity that supports families during and after the ordeal of a kidnapping.

Heidi A. Nieboer-Martini 
(MA in Police Negotiation, Charles Sturt University Australia) is chief inspector of police. She is working as a trainer/behavioral scientist at the Netherlands Police Academy.
Heidi started her 4 years of Police Management Training in 1988, after which she fulfilled numerous operational management functions, varying from departments of community policing to financial investigation. She has been a part-time police negotiator since 1999, and from 2005 to 2012 she has been working full-time an expert in negotiation strategies for the Department of Special Interventions of the Dutch National Police. Her expertise focused on negotiating with terrorists. She was the initiator and the coordinator of the Dutch Counter Terrorism Negotiators and she played an active role in different international partnerships in relation to this topic.

She is the first author of:

  • Far and Away: Police Negotiators on Overseas Deployments. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Volume 5, number 3 (2012). p. 307-324. Heidi A. Nieboer-Martini, Adam Dolnik, Ellen Giebels.

And because of her expertise she was asked to write a recommendation on the cover of two books:

  • Negotiating Hostage Crises with the New Terrorists (2008). Adam Dolnik.
  • Aanpak van Radicalisme. Een psychologische analyse (2010). Arjan de Wolf en Bertjan Doosje.
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