Fit and healthy, at home and abroad

As a non-proft organisation, you wish to live up to your Duty of Care, which also extends to co-workers who are (temporarily) living abroad. In practical terms this means that you are responsible for researching the risks associated with travelling and working abroad, informing your aid workers or researchers accordingly and offering them the available protection.

Centre for Safety and Development works together with KLM Health Services to help you keep you and your co-workers fit and healthy at home and abroad. 

About KLM Health Services

KLM Health Services are international health specialists and offers a complete package of high-quality services focused on travel, health and prevention. We provide advice, vaccinations, medical examinations and tailormade services. We do so for everyone; not just for KLM passengers and employees. We can focus on specific aspects and risks related to foreign residence:
  • knowledge of and experience of living abroad, as well as accommodation, work and living conditions;
  • knowledge of specific risks, prevention & education, and medical care abroad;
  • the identification of possible individual risk factors (such as diseases, pregnancy and  medication);
  • if medically required: screening for specific diseases,a check on the employee’s vaccination status, malaria prevention and other preventative measures.

For international companies we offer amongst others the following services;
  • Safe travel preparation; travel advice, preparation and vaccinations
  • Health check-ups and medical examinations
  • Specialised expat examinations
  • ‘Doctor Connect’; 24/7 medical advice by phone, text, email or whatsapp
  • Global network of medical specialists
  • Medical support on site
  • First aid training for employees on site
  • Tailored services for business travellers, frequent travellers and expatriates containing a fully enhanced service package for living, working and travelling abroad safely.

From air travel to offshore

Every day, companies from a wide range of sectors use our services. This includes customers in fire and rescue services, internationally active organisations, aviation and offshore. Many of the companies we serve operate under special working conditions and variable working hours.

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