About us


What if we lived in a world of peace and harmony? In an ideal world everyone would be able to travel, live and work safely, without ever feeling threatened. Unfortunately, for the time being, the world is not always safe.

Therefore, aid workers are of valuable service to countries and regions that are dangerous or even hostile. However, while they may be saving local people’s lives one moment, their own lives may be in danger the next.



Contributing to a better world

At CSD we make it our job to help prepare NGOs, humanitarian aid organizations and their employees for their job of providing aid in the most dangerous places across the globe.

We are a Netherlands-based foundation specialized in safe and secure working environments, and we provide aid worker training, NGO training and field security management training, as well as advice and information.

Our main objective is to help NGOs optimize their staff’s safety by training staff to operate under dangerous conditions in the field and to deal with potentially dangerous situations appropriately. We feel this is our contribution to a better world. 

Development of skills

As we know world improvement starts with individual improvement, we centre our training courses around the development of skills and a positive mental attitude. Safety is a state of mind. Whether, all of a sudden, aid workers find themselves in the middle of a robbery, an abduction, a car accident or a natural disaster, the outcome will for the greater part be determined by their mental preparation.

In our training simulations, participants are able to experience beforehand how they are likely to respond to a range of life-threatening situations and learn how a different attitude will empower them to create safety for themselves and their colleagues. As a result, aid workers will be able to continue providing help for those in need, whatever the circumstances, and humanitarian aid organizations can rest assured that their employees will return home safe and sound.

The facts

  • Founded in 2004
  • Giving 100+ training sessions a year
  • To 1300+ aid workers and managers
  • In over 35 countries
  • Our courses are rated with a 4.3 out of 5
  • Our trainers have extensive training experience
  • Simulations play an important part in training courses
  • We favour practical skills over a head full of knowledge
  • We ensure a safe learning environment
  • Monthly open Basic Safety & Security Courses in the Netherlands
  • Monthly Refresher Courses in the Netherlands
  • Training is given in English, French, Spanish and Dutch